Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K!

With the NAB show wrap up a couple weeks ago, it left us geeks shooketh with all the new goods about to hit the market! From DJI finally releasing their version of a single hand stabilizer to ADOBE Premiere’s new AI color correction features to what we believe HAD to be the most exciting release – Blackmagic’s Pocket Cinema 4k camera.

Now, I know we have been faithful Sony fanatics for years but this camera has left a great impression on our little tech hearts!

Let’s talk specs! This little beast will be able to shoot 4k up to 60FPS and 120 FPS at 1080p with 13 stops of dynamic range, hellooo pretty cinema look! It will have both compact flash and SD card slots but also a USB-C port that will allow you to plug in a SSD for a more convenient workflow; especially since this camera has the ability to record 10bit pro res and 12 bit raw, internally!  

With these specs, the amazing postproduction capabilities with subscription to DaVinci Resolve, plus its 5-inch display monitor, it came as huge surprise that the camera will only be retailed at $1,295! Are you freaking kidding me?! This is a game changer for all indie filmmakers!


An amazing 4k solution at an amazing price! This baby begins shipping September of this year. Unless Sony releases something better, this may be our main video camera! Sony A6700?? *cough cough

Check back with us for updates on all the goods!

Website Launch

Image is important! Whether you are starting a new job, going on a first date or showcasing your work on the World Wide Web for all to see, you want to feel confident and know you are putting your best foot forward. This is why we wanted to refresh and re-launch the SIE Creative Studio website. What we love most is that it feels familiar to our first website we launched back in 2015 but now showcases some of our most recent work.

Along with the website we've launched our blog, "I Think, Therefore I Create" to build a community and platform for creatives to learn more about this crazy digital world and for us to learn from you. 

With that said, we are here and prepared to assist you in bringing YOUR best foot forward. Hit us up!